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At Leavengood Chiropractic, Dr. Leavengood and Dr. Large utilize various techniques to address subluxations of the spine. The three major types of analysis and adjustments used are Diversified / Gonstead, Thompson Drop Table, and Activator techniques. Moreover, you can also choose the method and / or style you prefer.


Dr. Leavengood and Dr. Large provide natural relief for headaches, sciatica, whiplash, back, neck and hip pain, pinched nerves, carpal tunnel and more. We also offer massage / neuromuscular therapy by licensed massage therapists.

Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques

At Leavengood Chiropractic, we use different therapies to complement our adjustments. These therapies help reduce pain, decrease swelling, relax tight muscles, and speed up the healing process.

Well-equipped therapy suite

  • The spinolator is a type of mechanical traction that is used to relax the muscles as well as gently mobilizes your spine

  • Electrical stimulation applies a mild electrical current to help reduce pain levels and decrease muscle spasm

  • Whole body vibration is used to strengthen muscles and stretch ligaments to make your back more stable. It is used to re-train your body's muscle memory and proprioception

  • Heat helps to increase blood flow and relax muscles, ice reduces inflammation and pain

  • G5 / Trigger Point Therapy works by gently using concentrated vibrations on muscle trigger points. This therapy makes the trigger point, diminish, which removes the tension from the muscle. The pressure blanches the trigger point forcing blood out of the trigger point. This removes the oxygen from the trigger point. Without oxygen, the trigger point is no longer an active process

  • Ultrasound uses sound frequencies to soothingly heat damaged tissues. The heat signals the body to send healing components to the area. It also increases oxidation which enhances the healing effect. The ultrasound acts as a micro massage as well as a mild pain-reliever

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